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Recently, I just finished filming Kong: The two were spotted filming for an upcoming movie and a lucky few who got to see the shoot claimed that they seemed very comfortable with each other and were even seen cozying up with each other.


Thomas has, so far, never been officially linked with anyone on a romantic scale and sources claim that he is whole heartedly dedicated to his work and it is almost impossible for him to find time for such ventures. Me and Earl was the same way. We had dinner a couple of times throughout the audition process and kind of decided the roles dating ours before our director [Alfonso Gomez-Rejon] had.

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Thomas, over the years, has been linked to several girls, but he has yet to claim any of them as his girlfriend. Who are some of your other closest acting friends? Everyone's always asking me about it, and every once in awhile, someone will be like, "You should read Death in Venice, man.

He has good advice and has worked with a lot of great wo kann eine frau einen mann kennenlernen. It was a big experience for both of us, as actors and as people, and we went through a lot together. You went to thomas mann dating separate auditions for Project X and endured a brutal waiting period while waiting to hear back from Me and Earl and the Dying Girl.

Have you read any of his tia mann single You see yourself in a character sometimes, the singlespeed essen and the bad, and it forces you to reflect on your own life. There's obviously the greats, like Scorsese or Thomas Henderson or the Coens.

Next, I want to do something a bit darker and more grown up. Is that a thomas mann activity?

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Before that, it's always been the 20th-century novelist. Then they casted Olivia, and I had to go in to read with her and two other guys autidioning for the same role.

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Then when we did, and it felt inevitable. We had also done it so kristen mann dating sue bird times during auditions that we didn't rehearse it while filming.

What did you learn about yourself as an actor on that film? Thomas, on his Instagram profile, has shown the world that he is a very down to thomas person and has not been affected by fame as his counter parts have. How did you prepare for it?

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Reilly, and Brie Larsen. It's one of those parts that everyone's waiting to dating into their lap—you read something, and it just sounds like your voice, like it's written for you. As a young actor, you must develop a mentor-mentee relationship with older actors in the industry whom you've worked alongside. Emma Thompson, who I worked with on Beautiful Creatures, is so wise about the industry and how ungarischen mann kennenlernen find yourself as an artist and not get lost in all the bullshit.

What goes through your mind when you wait out those long auditioning periods? They still maintain a very strong friendship between them and are very supportive of each other.

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I did a read with Olivia. We tell each other everything—like down to when we're going to the bathroom—and never get embarrassed together. From our first audition we knew it felt right. There was this one weekend when she stayed back and decided, "This is going to be the Brie-kend. You speak very passionately about Me and Earl. Mann has dating been a household name, but since the newcomer's breakout performance as an awkward high school wallflower in last year's Sundance-winning film Me and Earl and the Dying Girlits popular reference actually has something to do with him.

We single test mann already hanging out and discussing the parts, hoping that we'd get them together.

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We wanted to lay it all out there in the first few takes and keep it fresh. There are some independendent and foreign directors I'm also dying to work with, like Yorgos Lanthimos, who did The Lobster, and Lynne Ramsay.

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I got along with that cast so well. I'm not saying acting should be therapy, but it was definitely a cathartic experience creating something I'm truly proud of that hopefully people will watch for a long time.

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There were a couple of times that they told me it was not going my way and that I could just forget about it for Project X. It sort of was!

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When did you and Olivia get so close? The coolest thing that happened to me was that Thomas Mann—as in me—was an answer in The New York Times crossword puzzle! She loves karaoke and kind of childish activities, so we got the whole Kong crew—a bunch of adults—roller skating like little kids. Some sources claim that Thomas is one of the highest paid young actors in America due to his exceptional acting abilities.