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But please be aware of the following: Interestingly, the other pot is dated '', which at guitar weeks later, is mid-September Common finishing nails were used to attach pickguards at two of those points: However it can be a big project and you need to be patient, do research, talk to others and be prepared to modify parts if necessary.

No holes were cut into the guitar faces as a guitar, but for a small holes drilled to allow the pickup wires to pass through the guitar tops. Many of the parts made were from local manufacturers many of whom have long since ceased trading.

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With a few exceptions, the tendency was to bind the necks before fretting them, dating deal breakers from a matchmaker to cut through the bindings to accommodate the frets. We never give valuations.

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These are of the same style but the post may be of a different diameter. On the top of the dating hofner guitars, the clear pickguard was attached to the neck and bridge with neat little pins drilled right into the dating of the pickguard. Later the top was changed to laminated spruce.

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The plates were single-layer mother-of-tortoiseshell, also edged with white paint, with white "teacup" knobs and white switches. Finally, pick-up switches appeared, usually in the upper bass bout. Often found on the back of the headstock.


Also, please note, we do not supply parts direct from the workshops. If you wish us to attempt to identify and date your guitar then you must do the hameln dating Some models were available in blonde as well.

There were two versions, one with a rounded top lip, one with a bevelled top lip. If the guitar looked just like a but was 17" across the bottom bout instead of 16", it was a These may require further cutting to get a good fit on a vintage bass or guitar.

The rings were attached to the guitar bodies with two countersunk screws through two tabs on the treble and bass sides of the rings, hidden from view by the pickups themselves. Some instruments however had the date of manufacture penciled, or stamped, on the underside of the top.

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Tops were either solid spruce or laminated, depending on a variety of factors. We do not guarantee the fit of the modern bridge which may require cutting and modification. In particular have you been to the Vintage Hofner websiterun independently, from the UK.

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This was the classic Hofner bridge, with four open slots, separated at the ends with white plastic, into which were friction-fit pieces of fret-wire that could be moved between slots to optimize intonation. Some people have suggested that the wood is not flamed maple but flamed sycamore, which is related to maple. Hofner Date Codes Information concerning which year a certain model was introduced, or when configurations where changed, varies a lot. Bushings may be needed.

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So, theoretically, a was fancier than a Bridges Hofner used several bridge assemblies. I have observed dates hand-written in pencil, ink, as well as stamped in blue ink.

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The arch of the top was altered to accommodate this change. The oldest style had pronounced arching, which continued symmetrically to the edges of the guitar, all around.

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Pickups were originally positioned in traditional neck and bridge locations however in pickups were moved together in late 56 close to the neck however they were moved apart again in to improve tone. The nail was sandwiched between the pickguard and a small piece of pickguard material glued underneath. This information is found between the treble strut and the treble f-hole, although it sometimes appears between the bass strut and the bass f-hole.

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Solid bent hardwood kerfing was used and neckblocks and endblocks were made of spruce. New pickups with Chrome pickup covers replaced black covers. Fancier tuners used similar plates, but with more elaborate buttons, moulded with the same floral guitar. The finish consisted of nitro-cellulose lacquer. This meant that tops of the guitars had to be casual dating karlsruhe under the mounting rings to allow the pickups to hang properly.

Different models based on these bodies are described as, for instance: This was because the tongue tended to warp upwards during the dry gotham dating login months, dangling as it did over the guitar top with nothing to keep it in place. A surprising number of non-standard guitars were built and we often have trouble identifying these. Skirted knobs also appeared in black occasionally. Hofner also introduced some really stupid bridges. In addition to a 3" and 3.