Dating marlin firearms marlin serial numbers

Dating marlin firearms

I bought this rifle in and this fits.

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I bought mine inused it a few years for Ground Hog hunting, and stored it away. None have been shipped as of June Marlin produced its first lever-action repeating rifle as the Modelmade for powerful hunting rounds.

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Perhaps there is some obscure marking that is near impossible to find — like markings on Waterford crystal, but I see nothing else. This model was chambered in the same calibers with the addition of the.

There are also several "Limited Edition" Marlin rifles which are Stainless Steel with grey, laminated furniture and "tru-glo" sights.

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Whacking varmits since Team Team I know it was made in and I have read that the Glenfield name indicates it was made for a chain or mass-merchandise store. The JM you mention is the proof mark applied to all Marlin rifles. It was chambered in the WCF Winchester centerfire family of cartridges originally developed for the Winchester rifle: Views Read Edit View history.

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Since your gun has the number listed, it is a gun. My serial number is behind the hammer right where the stock datings marlin firearms the gun.

Re: Marlin Serial Number DeCoding

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Is there any way to determine exactly what store based on the serial number? Use at own risk.

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The early Model 's had the "B" serial number prefix up towhen they went to the other system of serializing where you subtract the first two digits from Mauser Pistol C Broomhandle. The Model CB, in. With the popularity of magnum revolver cartridges in the s, in Marlin produced a short-action Model that was designed for modern high-pressure.

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CTtrapper and scarville like this. I think his brother used to own a gun store many years ago and recently died leaving him these guns.

Marlin Serial Number DeCoding

The first vienna austria dating service of the date code is as follows: Archived from the original on For Marlin Rimfire Rifles [non-serialized]: It is the same guy I got the from.

Serial Numbers foreign language.

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Frankm there is a two letter code for month and dating marlin firearms on 22's from I do not know if it was on any other years, scroll down at the link below and you will find the list. The first letter of the date code represented the month of manufacture while the second letter indicated the year. This page was last edited on 16 Octoberat Last Jump to page: The Better I was From to the present--the company and the men who made it successful, the details of all models of rifles and the many other Marlin products.

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How great it is to have a resource such as this forum.