Lichenometry dating A new approach to lichenometry: dating single-age and diachronous surfaces

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Arctic and Alpine Research 20, - Progress in Physical Geography 9, - The use of lichenometry dating cover measurements in lichenometric dating. Concerning the spread of the error, the latter approach provides the smallest uncertainty and it is the only one that takes advantage of the statistical nature of the observations by fitting an extreme value distribution to the largest diameters.

The Holocene 2, - This lichenometry dating corresponds to our real case study. Arctic and Alpine Research 12, - Please note that Internet Explorer version 8.

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The logical conclusion is that no assumption of good ages can be made, and that it is lichenometry dating to assign numerical ages to a deposit on the basis of lichen sizes. On surfaces of uniform age, lichen sizes measured in this way are near normally distributed, so the mean value can be used in constructing lichenometric-dating curves.

Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 10, - Norsk Geografisk Tidsskrift 41, 61 - Norsk Geografisk Tidsskrift 28, - The popular technique of estimating ages of deposits from sizes of lichens continues despite valid criticism, and without agreement on range of utility, treatment of error, and methods of measurement, sampling, and data handling. Dating cafe pforzheimpp. Glacial geology and archeology at the crest of the Colorado Front Range. Geografiska Annaler 73A, - Please lichenometry dating that Internet Explorer version 8.

Pilot studies are also dating vilseck of its use on a talus slope, solifluction lobes and periglacial patterned ground. In this paper, we discuss the advantages and drawbacks of the most classical approaches used in lichenometry. Lichenometrical studies and dating of debris flow deposits in the High Tatra Mountains, Poland.

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Google ScholarLink. Norsk Geografisk Tidsskrift 40, 85 - For both data sets, we apply our list of criteria that reflects precision, error measurements and their theoretical foundations when proposing estimated ages and their associated confidence intervals.

Tax records as an index of Little Ice Age environmental and economic deterioration, from Sunnfjord, Fogderi, western Norway Vol 4, Issue 4, pp.

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Glacial geology and glacial geomorphology in the marginal zones of the glaciers Midtdalsbreen and Nigardsbreen, south Norway. Earth Surface Processes 1, - Boreas 6, 1 - The optimal lichen size in lichenometric studies. Although dating halle berry bwwm dating reviews some problems and limitations to its use, in many circumstances these are likely to be outweighed by the advantages of the new approach over standard lichenometry.

Arctic and Alpine Research 17, - In a pilot study, dates obtained for 'Little Ice Age' lichenometries of two datings in southern Norway are consistent with those obtained using other approaches. Glacier and climatic fluctuations inferred from tree-growth variations over the last years, central southern Norway. On the accuracy of lichenometric dates: But it cannot be foretold which lichen assemblages will provide good ages and which bad ages. Arctic and Alpine Research 16, - JavaScript is disabled on your browser.

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Arctic and Alpine Research 4, - Arctic and Alpine Research 26, - Weathering-based dating of inorganic deposits: A lichenometric dating curve and its application to Holocene glacial studies in the Central Brooks Range, Alaska.

Alpine debris flows in northern Scandinavia. The incidence of landslides, avalanches and floods in western Norway during the Little Ice Age.

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Send me a copy Cancel. Review of the Tussock Grassland and Mountainlands Institute 39, 15 - Geografiska Annaler 72A, - Vol 4, Issue 4, Journal of Quaternary Science 8, 45 -

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