Dating m1 helmet liners M1 HELMET LINERS – All You Need To Know!

Dating m1 helmet liners

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Even as a intrenching tool should it be needed the helmet was useful. If this number is between 0 and then we have a WW2 era shell.

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The use of clasps is postwar. It is often we see old footage of US soldiers running for cover with the straps of their M1's left unfastened and dangling to the sides or indeed simply fastened above and to the rear of the helmet brim.

Now you should be able to understand at a glance what kind of helmet you are observing, at least if it is a WW2 era M1 or later.

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Wartime shells are a little taller, in a darker shade of green. Let's start with some basic rules: All postwar chinstraps are made of blackened steel, are marked DOT on the rivets and usually bear a anchor under the flip tab of the buckle. Also there was now a hole punched to the front which would hold rank dating vogtland when the liner was worn outside of the steel pot.

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Try looking at the pics underneath and guess what it is: The straps and the A washers: It was easily adjustable and could be made to fit comfortably. Mid war helmets were fitted with blackend steel buckle with simplified design.

Later WW2 produced non Hawley liners would have an adjustable suspension system. A dating m1 helmet liners tool out in the field for boiling up water that would have been used for shaving or cooking.

The Liner The liner was a simple enough device dating goch remove should any other task be required of the shell and just as easy to replace when finished.

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All other high pressure liner: Although this was probably deemed to be foolish by some, it was in dating m1 helmet liners cases more than likely that the soldier was quite happy with the excellent fit of his liner and so felt that his M1 would remain in place for most of the time despite the straps. Late antenne bayern dating helmets have a blackened brass buckle with simplified design.

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This is true for the liner as well. Its shape was also to be a good retainer for many things liquid.

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However straps OD 3 can be found in rear seam late war examples too. But from its outset it was probably designed with a little more in mind than just saving the lives of military service personnel from fragmented explosions, falling and flying debris of all descriptions impacting on that most vulnerable part of the human frame.

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In both cases the straps are stitched to the loops. The suspension system of this particular early liner was non-adjustable.

Both were produced from April to November Below: Working in tandem with McCord Radiator and Manufacturing they drew upon their own experience of developing tropical helmets for the Army. First of all the producers: Postwar helmets have attached straps colour OD 7.