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Ein vorsorglich eingesteckter Regenschirm liefert eine gute Legitimation dafür, näher an den Schwarm heranzurücken. Due to the bar berlin prices and hour opening, the bar attracts a few post-party ravers, making for single mind-boggling conversations at all hours of the day. DJs regularly spin deep house, soul and minimal techno, but if you don't like the music you can take refuge in the karaoke toilet, where you can sing your heart out to 80s pop hits while going about your business.

If the weather is bad, there's an indoor beer hall and adjoining restaurant with traditional German fare single kennenlernen berlin as goulash and Wiener schnitzel. Large candles melt into messy wax sculptures around the room, battered old pianos double as tables and absinthe-sipping poet types mingle in dimly lit corners.

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DJs spin ambient beats and electro jazz, while locals lap up the opportunity to play free table-football. The bar's charm lies in the fact it doesn't try too hard.

Part of the bar's appeal is that it all feels a bit secretive, making for a titillating atmosphere that lends itself to hedonistic fun. Swarming with stylish patrons who mingle amid clouds of smoke, Luzia is one of the more popular bars on Oranienstrasse and has an outdoor terrace that overlooks the bustling street scene.

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While it all might sound a tad pretentious, the inebriated state of most people makes for a warm and welcoming atmosphere on most nights of the week. Owned by the mogul behind the esteemed Kimchi Princess Korean restaurant next door, Soju Bar imitates the streets of Seoul remarkably well.

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Sophisticated, ruby-lipped cross-dressers rub shoulders — and other body parts — with louche local artists and intellectuals, while students lap up the raucous atmosphere and cheap prices.

Even if you don't understand what the characters are saying, it's entertaining to watch the clientele get swept up in the drama.

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Inside, the large industrial space is crammed with velvet armchairs, mismatched tables and vintage wallpaper that flakes off to reveal rustic red bricks. Rachel B Doyle tracks down Berlin's innovative secret supper clubs, and pop-up restaurants, which dish up sophisticated cuisine from all over the world. Techno still rules the house in Berlin, but there's so much more to the nightlife in what is probably the best clubbing city in Europe, says Kevin Braddock.

With no sign or lights outside, Bar Tausend would be easy to miss were it not for its reputation as one of the city's best high-end nightspots. Although the bar attracts a mainly arty crowd, it's still essentially a friendly neighbourhood joint due to its location on the otherwise quiet Mariannenstrasse.

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Nur sollte man dabei nicht in der vordersten Reihe sitzen. Maximal romantische Orte wie diesen bietet Berlin zuhauf, hier verzückt das Panorama aber ganz besonders: Tuscheln singlesuche sachsen den Sitznachbarn zur Erörterung der Antwort ist durchaus erlaubt.

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The slightly austere bar berlin is brought to life by well-lubricated creatives as they berlin partnersuche kostenlos into impassioned conversations about conceptual contemporary culture and the like. Es braucht nicht mehr als eine Flasche kalten Sekt, die man gleich nach dem Einsteigen öffnet.

As if the camp, carefree atmosphere wasn't enough, there's also a 2-for-1 happy hour everyday from 6pm-9pm on weeknights and from 4pm on weekends.

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With charismatic customers clad in studded jockstraps and gimp masks, it's safe singletrail seeland say that Barbie Deinhoff's attracts people of all persuasions. Andernfalls wird man automatisch Zielscheibe anzüglicher Bemerkungen seitens der Gastgeberin. As they mingle against the backdrop of a single horseshoe-shaped bar, the animated interaction between customers could quite easily be a piece of performance art.

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A close inspection of the rooms reveals meticulous attention to design details; lamps are perfectly placed to shed warm light onto subtle wall paintings by renowned local street artist Chin Chin.

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Auf der Modersohnbrücke treffen sich im Sommer Dutzende junge Menschen und blicken verträumt in den Sonnenuntergang Richtung Alexanderplatz, während am Horizont der Fernsehturm wie eine Diskokugel funkelt. The Prater Pils — its home-brewed nectar — is the most popular choice but dark beers from around Germany are also available.

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Large scale or intimate, Berlin's art spaces challenge and entertain in equal measure. It's a novel concept, and one that could easily be abused, but the trusting atmosphere and the quaint charm of the surroundings have the effect of restoring people's moral sense, with some customers leaving more money than they would normally pay for a few glasses of wine.

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Open daily from 6pm-4am. This hour dive bar has an anarchic vibe and remains one of the few gritty establishments in the rapidly-gentrified Graefekiez. It all makes for a refined yet laid-back atmosphere.